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The Footer Content Checklist that increases SEO, CRO & Operational Efficiency

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If you’ve read through one of my SEO checklists then you already know that there is a long list of criteria you need to keep on your website to make search engines happy. This is the process I run through to make sure that I’m doing just that….

Links to include in the footer for SEO purposes

Search engines prioritize credibility above all else. These footer items establish your credibility with website browsers.

  1. Legal Information (this can include information like: affiliate disclosures, privacy policy, terms of use, cookie policy, copyright, etc. I’m not a lawyer, ask your lawyer what to include in this section based on your unique business model.)
  2. Careers (I use GoHire to populate job descriptions and push each new job opportunity to more than 10 job posting platforms across the web).
  3. Contact information
    1. Physical address (if you have a brick & mortar location)
    2. Real phone number (or a chatbot that allows people to schedule a call with you)
    3. Link to a contact us page (example)
  4. About Us Page
    1. Here is an example of a casual about page
    2. This is an example of a more formal about page

Links to include in the footer for CRO purposes

  1. Affiliate application (some people who come to your website will have clout in your industry, but not need your service. They’ll look in the footer to see if your business gives them an opportunity to monetize their personal field of influence.)
  2. Social icons
  3. Services

Links to include in the footer to increase internal operational efficiency

Do you know what’s annoying and inefficient? People who have no intention of working with you calling you up to try to get free information OR ask who your web designer is. For this reason, I suggest also including the following information in your footer:

  1. Freebies (such as a resource portal, books, courses, etc). At MD9 we found that after including a free resource portal in our website footer, the number of inquiries from fake buyers decreased by 1800%.
  2. Website designer (it’s really really really annoying to get a notification that someone booked a call with you only to find out that: no, they’re not a prospective client, they just want to know who designed your website). To cut these out, I started adding “designed by” and “built by” to the footer of all of our brand & client’s websites.

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