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The Contact Us Page Template

Earnings Disclosure

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First things first, hi everyone this is Adi Soozin, I’m the Fast Growth Executive over at MD9. Below is a version of our Contact Us page, you can see the latest one here > I’m writing this little paragraph to give you clear permission to copy this page’s format to create your own Contact Us page for your website. I hope this helps.


Adi Soozin

Adi Soozin, Fast Growth Executive MD9

New Growth Hacks

Have you discovered a new growth hack or strategy that you’d like to share with us?



Do you have a billing question, or are you experiencing problems when trying to purchase or book a specific service or product?


Purchasing Questions

Are you thinking about buying a specific product or service and have questions?


Press Questions

Press related questions?


General Business Inquiries

Do you have a suggestion or would you like to ask about partnerships, workshops or other general business inquiries?



If you have feedback for us, we’d love to hear from you. (Please note this is for general feedback and not for customer support. If you need customer support, contact our support team via one of the methods outlined below).

For general feedback, please email us at :

Totally new to the startup space?

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  4. Setup bi-weekly calls with a growth expert to stay on track with all of your growth goals.


Why do I need a contact page?

It’s imperative for SEO. Google’s goal is to make sure that every top ranking site is legitimate and trustworthy. A contact page ads that level of trust. If you can add your address, an iFrame of your location & your phone number to that page, even better.

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