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The Checklist I use to build Marketing Websites in WordPress

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Warning: Given all of the things that can go wrong on the internet, I highly recommend having a professional build you a secure website, or building it with professional guidance via a few video calls.

  1. Start with heading over to to purchase the domain name & follow their instructions to set the new site up with WordPress. 
  2. While this is loading, I like to select my site images, backdrops and plugins at Envato Elements. They have unlimited license options that give you access to $1000s worth of plugins, professional photos & more for just $16 per month (I seriously have no idea how they afford to offer this, but I love it). 
  3. If you are not tech-savvy I suggest starting with the Total WordPress Theme for the following reasons: 
    1. It is the easiest to customize without writing a single line of code 
    2. There are 100s of videos on YouTube making it super easy for you to learn how to use all of the features
    3. It is like a virtual lego, it works well with most of the plugins you’ll want to use
    4. It comes with a child theme
  4. While the theme is installing, head back over to Envato & download whichever plugins you need from this list:
    • Elfsight forms builder
    • Elfsight instagram feed
    • Elfsight social share buttons
    • Elfsight Contact Form
    • Duplicate This
    • WP Super cache
    • WPBakery Page Builder
    • Loginizer
  5. Install & activate these plugins and the ones required by your theme
  6. Then go to the “Add New Plugin” page and search within that page for the following plugins:
    • Yoast or SEO Framework (I prefer the latter, non-tech people tend to prefer the former).
    • Monster Insights
  7. Next head over to one of the following platforms to setup your booking portal
  8. Verify that the SSL was installed properly
  9. Go to the following sites to install their plugins & scripts

After everything is installed, start by making sitewide changes: 

  1. Use the stylesheet or custom CSS box (in total wordpress theme) to customize the website fonts, text sizes, font colors, website background colors and more. Checkout this guide if you need help with design decisions.
  2. Drop in the site logo, set the favicon
  3. Create the website header & footer
  4. Create the blog / article page
  5. Create the home page
  6. Create the Contact-Us page using this template
  7. Customize or delete the top-bar
  8. Add relevant company testimonials to the testimonial tab on the website 
  9. Drop in products posts and other real content following this checklist.
  10. Add your team mates to the site (this is NOT advised if your startup operates like MD9. When we did this people would poach our freelancers like hot cakes).

Then do a bit of SEO & preliminary work to make analysis a bit easier later on:

  1. Install HotJar & a chatbot
  2. If you did not setup Google Analytics when you installed Monster Insights, now is the time to do it
  3. Set up Google Search Console
  4. After website version one is complete I run through my SEO assessment to develop a roadmap for how the website should develop over the next fiscal year.
  5. BONUS: If you need content ideas checkout the video below on how to choose topics that will help your SEO improve

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