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Adi’s comprehensive list of customer acquisition strategies

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Affiliate Disclosure


  1. Guest write for a niche blog
  2. Guest appear on a podcast
  3. HARO – sign up to be a resource for journalists
  4. Unconventional PR
  5. Guerrilla Marketing
  6. Partner with a charity
  7. Content marketing
  8. SEO
  9. SMO
  10. Speaking engagements
  11. Community building

Strategies that are free if you’re a developer:

  1. Develop a web tool
  2. Launch a referral program
  3. Launch an affiliate program


  1. Hire a PR firm to help with gaining coverage & securing speaking engagements
  2. Ad space in print media (newspapers & magazines)
  3. Commercials – TV
  4. Commercials – YouTube
  5. Ads on social media platforms
  6. Native ads
  7. SEM
  8. Billboards
  9. Make strategic deals with potential allies
  10. Sales
  11. Attend trade shows & conferences
  12. Participate in trade shows & conferences
  13. Sponsor trade shows & conferences
  14. Sponsor / host offline events (if you don’t use my short URL strategy to track the efficacy of these I might climb through this computer screen and smack you)
  15. Acquire smaller businesses and websites

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