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I’m Adi, I launch and grow startups for a living. It is honestly one of the only things of value that I contribute to this planet (seriously, I can’t even fry an egg). I got my first taste of the startup space back in grade school when, at the age of 8, my parents finally allowed me to start shadowing them in their offices. So when I say I’ve spent my entire life in the startup space, it’s because I was literally raised in it. I worked with my first non-family-owned startup in 2009 and you can find out more about my professional history over here.

This website is a repository of everything I’ve done and am currently working on that I can talk about. A large portion of the startups I work with are in stealth mode, so I can’t really talk about them. This leads my family (& a few neighbors) to believe that I’m a spy for a foreign country. I’m not a spy and before you join their club, take a moment to think about it. I’m fairly certain that if you tried to explain SEO and “Stealth Mode Startups” to a 90 year old grandparent, you’d be sitting right next to me wearing a matching “Grandma, I’m not a spy🤦‍♀️” t-shirt.

Enough about me, let’s talk about what I’ve done that might be useful for you…

Adi Pineapple - the fastest growth hacker

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